Felipe Chamorro, Articulator of 3CA Magazine

3D Generalist, articulator and representative of 3D Concept Art Community.

3D Concept Art Community

3D Concept Art is a community made for 3d artists who want to engage further and deeper with other talented 3d artists around the world. You have the portfolio part where you can show your artwork for everybody around the world They are a lot of possibilities if you are a member of 3D Concept Art Community. You can follow interesting artists, get new contacts, add your resume and also apply for interesting jobs. Read interesting articles, get new knowledge and embrace feedback.

The Mission

The mission is to provide a place where artists can not only show off their artwork but also engage further and deeper into the community, by having access and possibilities in different ways to communicate with colleagues, friends and employers.

By having a transparent friendship between our fellows users, 3D Concept Art can become a better community.

3CA Magazine, the second part of 3D Concept Art Community.

It’s a set of free articles for everybody interested in the world of VFX and in general the entertainment industry. In the highlights area, they are more short news about tools, brushes, breakdowns and so on. In the spotlight category, there is different types of articles, Q & A with very talented artist around the world, Project based interviews, showreel articles and much much more…

Why are these articles available for no cost…

The most important thing it to provide besides being a community of 3D artists, is to provide awareness.

Remember that the world we live in is made by achievers of creation. And by the autotelic vision.

The article side of the 3D Concept Art is there for the greater good. To inform visitors, students to professionals and provide awareness.

By having the sets of articles available for you and Q & A with well-known profiles in the industry. The gap is narrowed even more. By providing more industry news in this magazine. The awareness is increased about what is behind the movies and commercials you see on your television, in the cinemas and on the games you play.

Last but not least, A big thank you to all the artists that are willing to be part of the Q & A:s and the Project based interviews.

We are all in the same ocean, swimming towards the same island. There are a few people swimming faster, other started earlier but everybody will get there. If you are swimming, you will. Don’t stay at the beach – Glauco Longhi

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